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It is really easy to make a professional cover letter with our cover letter formats. Sign Up for free and pick one of our free cover letter templates to create a perfectly tailored and professional cover letter in a few minutes


Select a CV Template

Choose the perfect Curriculum Vitae (CV) template to get started.


Fill The CV format

Fill up your details in the CV format. Switch between the CV templates if you want.


Downloadable CV Format

Download your online CV in the PDF format, or share the CV link with a unique URL.

Just 3 steps to make a Cover Letter for Job Search


Select a Cover Letter Format

Choose from multiple cover letter sample templates available.


Write the Job Application Letter

Fill your details in the cover letter format. You can also switch between our cover letter sample templates.


Download PDF Instantly

Download your cover letter in the PDF format and share it with the recruiters instantly.

Online Cover Letter Builder Tool

Creating an impressive cover letter is difficult, even for the most seasoned jobseeker. This is where our Workruit Resume Builder - Cover Letter tool steps up to help you build professional cover letters for job search. We provide you with industry-complaint cover letter templates crafted by professionals to suit your style and meet your job seeking needs.

With Workruit’s Cover Letter Maker platform, you gain access to multiple cover letter templates. We have cover letter for freshers or experienced, with multiple colours and fonts which makes your cover letter stand out among other candidates at an interview.

Workruit’s Cover Letter Builder Tool Features: Overview


Choose a cover letter template

Each cover letter template has a unique cover letter format. With multiple cover letter template options, you get to choose the ideal cover letter format which suits your job search. If you need help in selecting the best cover letter format as per your job search category, connect with our experts using our chat feature.


Choose your job application letter colour

Choose from a set of colour options, that are suitable for your cover letter titles. These colours are accepted by recruiters and hiring managers in the cover letter.


Edit your Cover Letter Format

Add or remove relevant fields based on your cover letter objective from the settings panel. You can easily optimize your format of cover letter for job search. Try to keep the cover letter style similar to your resume model, to give it a more professional look.


Choose your cover letter font style

Change your cover letter font for the titles and page individually. This feature helps you to differentiate between the two of them and improves the cover letter readability for the hiring managers.


Download your cover letter easily

Instantly download your cover letter in PDF format and share it with the recruiters along with your resume or curriculum vitae. Once you’ve finished creating a cover letter with our cover letter maker too, click on the download button on the top panel to get the document in the PDF format.


Switchable Cover Letter Formats

Suppose you’ve written a cover letter using our Workruit Resume Builder - Cover Letter tool and now you wish to create another cover letter with a different template or change the cover letter format, all you have to do is click on “Change Template” and choose the cover letter format that you like. All your content will be moved automatically to the new template.

FAQs on Cover Letter Tool

How does Workruit’s Cover Letter maker work?

Our cover letter maker tool is the best way to create a cover letter which is clean, professional and interactive, in just a few minutes. Once you register on our Workruit Resume Builder platform, you get to choose from different cover letter templates. Write your cover letter, and download your cover letter in PDF format instantly. The cover letter creator helps provide the right kind of relevant information to the employers about your interests to apply for the job.

How do I edit my cover letter using Workruit’s Online Resume - Cover Letter Tool?

Once you click on the “Edit” option, you will be able to make changes to your cover letter. You can change fonts, colours & choose from different cover letter formats available. Once you are done with the edits, save your cover letter to keep it for future use.

Why use Workruit’s Online Resume to build your cover letter online?

Creating cover letters are considered essential along with a resume for a job search. But it is not easy to create a professional cover letter format. We help cut down the time to make a cover letter by providing the best cover letter formats. Build your job application letter easily by selecting a template from our collection of cover letter samples.

Can I upload my existing cover letter to edit using Workruit’s Cover Letter Maker Tool?

At this moment, you cannot upload your existing cover letter onto Workruit’s Resume Builder - Cover Letter tool. However, you can create a brand new cover letter and to choose from our multiple cover letter formats.

Can I download the cover letter PDF created using Workruit’s Online Resume - Cover Letter Tool?

Yes, you can. Once you’re done creating your job application letter, export your cover letter as a PDF by clicking on the “Download” option as many times as you want and use your cover letter for job search instantly.

What are the other features offered by Workruit Resume Builder platform?

Apart from helping you build amazing cover letters, we help you build online resume and curriculum vitae (CV) instantly within our platform. Also, we have brought the industry’s first quick resume share link feature that enables users to directly share their resume or curriculum vitae with the hiring managers instantly. Now, you can also make your online resume or curriculum vitae using our Resume Builder CV Maker App from Playstore.


Install Resume Builder Online CV Maker Download PDF Free


Install Resume Builder Online CV Maker Download PDF Free


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